Declaration of Creator Independence

I am Sam Feldt, and I am sick of social media limiting how I can engage with my fans.
As an artist, my fans are the reason I exist. So being able to communicate with them freely, without algorithms controlling our relationship, is critical.

But, unfortunately, on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, the platform, not the creator and fan, comes first. Furthermore, since they are public companies, their shareholders control them, pushing for return on investment.

This focus on ROI has resulted in algorithms becoming more restrictive every single year. As a result, creators now need to pay large amounts of money to reach their very own audience.
This is ridiculous
and needs to stop
Creators, you have worked long and hard to create content, grow an audience, and attract a fanbase.

To now have it stolen from you by Mark Zuckerberg and co, who add no value to the fan-artist relationship, is unfair.

The time has come to liberate ourselves from the platforms we are stuck on and start building independent brands and careers - free from algorithms and censorship and with complete freedom and transparency.
We need to take back control of our audience and shift the power back where it belongs: the creator and their fans. No more selling our data and audience to the highest bidder.
No more deciding if and how we can communicate with our fans. No more interference in our most critical relationships. It's time for Fangage.

On Fangage, the creator and their fans come first. Not the platform.

You own the data, reach 100% of your fans, and monetize them directly at the lowest fees in the market - all on your own, fully-branded website.

Ready to take
back control?

Sign the petition and join the movement